Have after some trials to find printing and framing options from frame and print locally to metal prints from China and USA and acrylic prints from China found enough options to produce a stunning reproduction of the White Tui for your living space or office area.

These reproductions are exclusive to Muzzpix Photography and the rights have NOT been onsold. There is no mass productions just orders thru us so they will be rather exclusive in that respect.

A GST invoice is available also.

As the acrylic and metal prints are sourced from overseas – China or America – the lead time from purchase to delivery will be longer than the locally made print and frame option which is about 10 days at the outside. Typically approx 3 weeks from overseas but with the festive season approaching it is best to be ordering and paying before end of October. Prints will only be ordered after payment is received in full. Order payments include delivery. Please no PO Box numbers. Orders to other countries other than NZ by request.


Locally printed and framed option is for a 200x300mm [ 8x12in ] framed print delivered.

Many people prefer this style to match their existing wall decorations and would be a conversation piece to last thru the years.

1511white-tui-frame-print by M Handley.

The delivered price to your place is $275 incl. gst.

Acrylic and metal prints 

These prints are 500x500mm square.

They are hung in each corner just off the wall so they are proud of the wall itself.

The acrylic print in the daylight with the light reflecting from behind off the wall gives  it a surreal floating effect which is really neat especially if you have a lighter coloured wall..

Requires a bit of handyman effort to hang properly but not really hard.

These prints from China are $310 delivered.

1503white-tui-acrylic-print by M Handley.

Recycled aluminum prints 

These have the image infused onto aluminium producing a scratch resistant and waterproof print but avoid direct sunlight.

The hanging system [ which is really easy ] makes the image seem that its floating off the wall and with different light you get a shadow effect behind the print giving a surreal look.

These come from the  USA and delivery is approx 3 weeks.

Delivered price for 16×16 inch square is $425.

Bigger sizes on request.

2170-white-tui-metal-usa-print_ by M Handley.

Many thanks for looking.

If you want one for your wall where nobody else you know will have one contact me. If you require prints before christmas especially the overseas produced ones do not wait to long as end of October there will be a cut off until next year for them. All have watermarks removed from the prints.

Please use the contact me option at the top right of this page to start your journey to a new print of the White Tui…

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