Recently had the good fortune to be in Wellington for a major family event. And the saying that you cant beat Wellington on a good day was so true as to my mind it rivals and sometimes surpass Tauranga as a harbour city. Auckland has its moments too but it takes so long to get around. Now i know that you may say that Wellington with its sometimes narrow and winding streets is a bit old fashioned but i think that that is what gives this city some of its charm. Theres plenty of history here and a vibrant arts culture as well as all the hot air around parliament.

When you drive down the motorway leading into Wellington from the north and you make that right hand turn and see the harbour and cityscape for the first time on a nice sunny day you cant beat it.

If you are driving into the city centre and like me not used to how to get where and which lane to take good old Google maps with lane directions is a good start. Parking at Te Papa is a breeze as it keeps you away from the carparks that the city workers use and which can cost a arm and a leg and some with 2 hour limits for shoppers. At Te Papa you can stay for 5 or 6 hours but just have to pay of course.

So this is a small collection of images from the waterfront near Te Papa. All of these have been listed on the Alamy stock photo site and are also available as a print if you so chose. Lets talk..

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