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Landscape photographs from Lake Taupo northwards.
Taupo float plane.The Taupo tree in the lake.Tokaanu Wharf at sunrise.Colour image of the Taupo TreeLake Taupo at the Tokaanu Wharf.Taupo Tree.The Bridle Veil Falls near Raglan in the Waikato.The Taupo Tree with a sunburst.The historic Tokaanu wharf at sunrise.Portrait of the Taupo Tree in the lake.The Wairere Falls.The Taupo Tree in the Lake.A tree in Lake Taupo.The lone tree in a lake at Lake Taupo.Historic Tokaanu wharf.That Taupo tree in the lake.Moody Lake Taupo treeThe tree in Lake Taupo.

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