A series of images from Tongariro National Park in the North Island of New Zealand.
Hiking trail on way to Tama Lakes in Tongariro National Park.Mount Ngauruhoe with light trial.Taranaki Falls at the Tongariro National Park.Looking down on South Crater and Mount Ngauruhoe from Red Crater.Tawhai Falls.On the hiking trail to Mount Ngauruhoe.Light trails at Ngauruhoe.Lenticular cloud above Mount Ruapehu.Fresh snow at Mount Ruapehu.Mount Ngauruhoe under a full monn.Fresh snow at National Park area.Mount Ngauruhoe with cloud cover.Winter hiking in Tongariro National Park.Ngauruhoe and Tongariro with fresh snow.The Pinnacles.Moon rise at sunset over South Crater.Sunrise behind Mount Ngauruhoe.Mount Ngauruhoe with a mist cap aka. Mount Doom.Hebe plants at National Park.Emerald Lake on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

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