Mostly everyone knows about the Wanaka Tree in the lake as its become really famous around the world. There must be a human emotion attached to trees that exist in the landscape by themselves against all the elements that would normally overwealm most plants. And it seems with both the Taupo tree and the other one at Wanaka they are both willows which is handy as they tolerate water. Its not unusual for willows to be established on river banks to the point that they do become a problem with clogging up water courses.

But when it comes to a willow in a lake by itself they just seem to convey this emotion to humans as a standout survivor against all odds. There must be a name for that?


nature first

As part of the Nature First principles have not intimated where this tree is on my social media sites. Going on past problems with insta overload at some places its hoped that this tree doesnt get the same treatment.

3755 lone taupo tree

A long exposure of the tree at sunset. Had a internal discussion about using this image as the trunk was sharp in focus but being a long exposure of about 30 seconds the leaves moved in the breeze. It can be a restriction on being creative to allways having everything sharp in focus so tossed that so called rule out with the premise that by showing the wind effect its giving credence to the story of this tree fighting against the elements so that it can survive.



“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”
3705 le taupe tree

Looked for a different angle with this image and as i was setting up the setting sun really lit it up with some glourious side light. The foreshore was also littered with pumice balls some which were larger than my hand and different colours as well. A pumice hunters treasure trove.

3713 Taupo tree classic

The bog standard shot of the Taupo Tree in the lake with Motutaiko Island on the left and Tauhara on the right in the background. This is also a long exposure shot with some leaf movement to continue the story of survival. Plus also a lone duck enjoying its perch. 

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