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A collection of landscape photographs from the Taranaki region of the North Island of New Zealand.
Archway with reflections at Tongaporutu.Sunset looking at Mount Taranaki.The Cape Egmont lighthouse.A summer sunrise at Mount Taranaki.The Tongaporutu Boulders at sunset , Taranaki north.Mount Taranaki at sunset with layers of cloud and misty landscape.Archway at Tongaporutu beach at sunset with out going tide.Sunrise light on Mount Taranaki from Lake Mangamahoe.A sea stack on the Tongaporutu coastline in Taranaki.Sunrise light on Mount Taranki with low mist.The Taranaki boulders at sunset with out going tide.Tongaporutu coastline.Small Tongaporutu Boulder.Tongaporutu coastline sea stack.Tongaporutu archway with reflection.Sunset sand with patterns.Foot prints in the sand.Sunset at Tongaporutu beach.Cliff erosion at Tongaporutu.Mount Taranaki sunset over the sea.

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