On the western side of the Firth of Thames at Wharekawa is the old quarry at which sits this old World War 2 minesweeper which is beached at a small inlet entrance now used by oyster fishermen with their barge. It can be seen clearly from the road and had the good fortune of being allowed in by the caretaker to produce a few images.

Apparently this site was used to barge mettle to Auckland yonks ago and the little inlet is maintained by a old drag-line and tipper to keep it deep enough either side of high tide for local fishermen and the Oyster fishos.

I was not able to garnish much info about the old minesweeper accept that its propellor is now at a museum in Auckland. But did notice that it seemed to have a steel skeleton with wooded sides with what was left. A bit hilarious to see some palms growing on the deck. Am no wiser about its name. If i find out will fill in the blanks so if any-one knows let me know.

To the locals its probably a bit ho-hum but being a traveller was a  interesting to see…not many old wrecks on NZ coast that you can walk up to.


1440shipwreck front web by M Handley.

1441shipwreck front web by M Handley.


1455 shipwreck front pano web by M Handley. 1455shipwreck front web by M Handley.

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