Using a diary style of posting am thinking that a monthly roundup of images that are posted on my Facebook and instagram pages here with some back ground info may be of interest to a few followers. If so check back here when i give a link in the facebook page for new stuff and if you want to find out about prints and or how the images were made just drop me a line.

At low tide in the inner harbour at Pahoia Beach if you catch a evening with no breeze at all coupled with a great cloud display going on then whats not to like. You do tend to try and make the shot so that if you flipped it upside down you wouldn’t notice any difference.The problem with these shots is making sure your tripod legs don”t sink into the sand.

This image posted on Facebook on the 2nd of September.

With the change of seasons from winter to spring we can get what some call three seasons in one day- or maybe four. With this image was trying to convey the transition that you can get by the brooding dark cloud system with just a glimmer of brightness [ or hope ] showing thru to just light the way. A added bonus is the nice reflections going on. Seems that reflections is becoming a recurring theme…

Posted on the 6th September.

To get a image from the Kauri Point wharf does have a few challenges. In this panoramic aimed to provide a sense of standing on the sandy shore of which there isn”t much at high tide. Getting the wharf to provide some leading element is mandatory but with the clouds lighting up made a spur of the moment decision to just do a pano in portrait mode and blend them together but having decided that then that means that the tripod has to be as level as possible to make stitching the images together as seamless as possible…not always easy when you rush things on a sandy beach when the tripod legs sink in the sand. Hmmm…

Anyways practice proved a saving grace in the end and it worked out just as i envisaged. Yay.

Posted to Facebook 9th September.

The walking track around Mount Maunganui is well used by fitness bods to tourists to just people wanting a wander. But lots just rush around doing their thing without looking at their surroundings so when a seal was having some fun in the surf a few did stop to just take the time and watch. Must be one of the best de-stress things that we all can do…stop and smell the roses.

Posted on the 11th September.

Another with the theme of winter to spring. Using a long exposure technique which can be problematic in a windy spot wanted to blur out the waves over the rocks to have a ethereal feel but not blur the clouds which meant selecting the right filter , holding tripod and keeping exposure to around 2 seconds. Seems to have worked ok…

Posted on the 13th September.

Was doing my usual reflection thing at the beach at Tay Street at the Mount which is a surfing beach and on way back up spotted this contrasting scene with the palm trees which i thought was just neat. Had to get this shot as i find silhouettes with the right subject interesting.

Posted on 16th September.

When looking at these types of shots it is nice to have something leading your eye into the scene. Methought that the three runs of wash water provided just the setting although they are going the wrong way in a strict sense. But the sun reflection does the same job so went with that. Sometimes you just have to quickly get the shot and a sense of balance just appears for you.

Posted on the 20th September.

A bit of a mad dash to get to this spot in time for the light show and i wasn’t the only one with the same idea. Must admit thats the first time that have shared a sunset spot at all. Have been spoilt methinks or perhaps dont like crowds. A panoramic was called for to try for the leading lines of the old wharf pilings leading towards the setting sun but also the light show with clouds on the right as well. Kept the rocks in the foreground to give a sense of place and/or to get your bearings on dry land.

Posted on the 23rd of September.

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