Something that i have been involved in for some 35 odd years is motor racing in one form or another. Mostly prefer nowadays is to be behind the camera recording the old cars and personalities such as this class called  historic sports sedans.

Back then we could almost stand trackside with out the health and safety rules as we watched these machines that were for the most part created in mechanics sheds with any spare cash available so that they could just have a ball racing with these radical machines.

One such racer from old is Graeme here with his imaculate Marina sports sedan that he raced all those years ago, sold and then after 15 odd years tracked it down again, rebuilt and is now getting it back to the track.

Even in its day it was a radical departure from the normal  because the  fact that the motor is mid-mounted. And still draws admiring looks and the usual questions today at race events.

This is a snap shot of one of the first meetings of this car getting back to the race track at Taupo raceway.


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