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Within these web walls you will find hundreds of images from the sea to the mountains and lots in between.Images that will hopefully inspire, motivate and rekindle memories of times and places and events, some good and some bad.

Probably a classic example of the bad was the oil on the beach at Papamoa when the MV Rena ran aground on Astrolab reef of Tauranga those years ago. Couple that with the next image of a glorious sunset from about the same spot after the marathon effort from the locals and the defence girls and guys to clean up. Sometimes we all need reminding of these things as we appreciate our local environment and a well sited image does that in spades.

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This is also the home of the White Tui image that brought so much pleasure to many people.

The Facebook reaction was extraordinary and many personal comments were made regarding these birds and the effect and feelings that so many people have for them. To see a image of a white one brought out many touching comments that will stay in the memory.

Was a not so easy image to get but at the end was just so rewarding with the reactions received.

Thank you…

Latest blog posts.


Facebook Instagram flikr The historic old jetty at Tokaanu is a bit hard to find as there is only a small sign post on the road and its a mettle track with copious pot holes for you to navigate. Well worth seeing this piece of New...

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