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Supertourer at PukekoheSuper Tourer getting race prepared.Supertourer race car.V8 Supertourers at Hampton Downs track.V8 Ute racing in NZSupertourers at Pukekohe Raceway.Super Tourer at Pukekohe pit entry.Super Tourer at the Hampton Downs pits.Super Tourer on jacks in the pits.Race start line for Supertourers at Hampton Downs.Super Tourer start line assembly.Super Tourer grid girls.Super Tourer promotion girls.Super Tourer at start line.Hampton Downs with V8 Supertourer racing.V8 Supertourer pit garage.V8 Supertourer on track at Pukekohe.Grid girls at V8 Supertourers.V8 Supertourers promotion girls.V8 Supertourer pit garage.