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A collection of lone trees in the countryside and in lakes from around New Zealand.
lone taupo tree#thewanakatree at sunrise.The lone Taupo Tree.Wide angle of the Wanaka Tree.Lone tree in the mist.The Taupo tree in the lake.The Wanaka Tree at sunrise.Colour image of the Taupo TreeLone cabbage tree on a hill at Pourerere Beach.Taupo Tree.Sunrise with the Wanaka Tree.The Taupo Tree with a sunburst.Wide angle of the Wanaka Tree.Portrait of the Taupo Tree in the lake.Lone tree in a field.The Taupo Tree in the Lake.Lone tree in Lake Taupo.That Taupo tree in the lake.The lone tree in a lake at Lake Taupo.Misty tree.

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