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National Park or Natty Park as the locals call it is does have what seems as its particular weather all to its self. At one time the mountain ski field at Turn can be clear but then at Whakapapa its all socked in with cloud. No wonder there is two fields to choose from. At least one of them hopefully is open during a normal winter with changeable weather.

Was sort of lucky to get some lower level snow on the trails which gives some great contrast and having such socked in weather meant that the crossing wasn’t happening so there were more people wandering about looking for alternative sights. Jus some just don’t follow the code of no jeans in the changeable weather which is a bit of a no no. They get wet and you get cold…

Anyways this is a collection from this visit. All are available with out the watermark and if you want to see BIG just click on the image and it opens in a lightbox.

Click on a pointer and a sample image will show whats there…

Mahuia Rapids

Chateau Tongariro

Taranaki Falls

Schnapps Bar. National Park Village

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