Mount Taranaki from Ruapehu.

The intention was to chase that special sunset view of Taranaki from somewhere around Tongariro National Park because when the atmospherics are just right the sight of Taranaki is just magical at sunset.So with that idea as a plan A tried my luck at the Turoa skifeild carpark area as this point gets you reasonably high by just driving up the road rather than risk a vantage point from a hiking track.

The evening started with a bit of cloud but that soon turned to custard with a thick layer of cloud depending around Ruapehu. Bummer…thats not the plan. So after waiting for some intervention as i could see the glow of a sunset underneath the cloud layer, but no Taranaki, started to head down the access road and after a couple of minutes could start to see Taranaki with a just blazing sunset behind. Was quick to find a vantage point on a sharp hairpin bend out of passing traffics way and set up with a 200mm soon lens and managed to get this thru a gap in the  bush. Wow…just had to say thanks for that…as you do.

Its amazing where having a camera and a purpose has taken me. This has to rank right up there because to get layers like this is so very hard to do. What also ranks highly was watching the sun rise from a mountain top…especially with family.

Seems the journey continues…

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