I came across a comment about this bay on the coast north of Waihi beach that had a small waterfall on the beach  . Really ??
Now that is not something every white sandy beach has on tap . Imagine a swim in the pacific and a refreshing although chilly perhaps shower afterwards on tap … so to speak .
Uncle Google provided some basic directions for a start but the Doc website was providing good info about how to get there . A nice hike of about 3 hours from Waihi beach or a shorter route of approx 45 mins from a road end down a steepish track . The shorter track starts from the end of Ngatitangata Road which is accessed from Waihi township . Auntie Google maps is good or your gps .

The track down got the tick as a easy get to  route . This is a short walk along a farm track to the entrance gate from the sign-posted road end entry point with the good old style to get over the fence … typical kiwi .A gate and sign sets you down the farm access way with electric fencing on both sides . Don”t tempt fate by touching the insulated wires … and it gets a bit steep so watch ya footing .

2015-09-13 14.32.02 copy by .

Entrance way to Homunga Bay track

The views from the track down will keep you looking out … just awesome .

2015-09-13 14.07.52 copy by .

Would make a good house site methinks …

2015-09-13 13.57.17 copy by .

Humunga bay farm track – watch the electric fence

The track after the farm takes a short run thru some bush just to remind ya you are in doc country … follow the orange discs .

2015-09-13 13.47.56 copy by .

Bush walk to Humunga Bay

You now approach the Bay itself and the sound of surf on the beach . Just awesome …

This waterfall you have come so far to see is on the right as you hit the sand . Hopefully it is running and the weather is not to dry . It was a decent flow at the start of spring when these pix were made but would assume a dry spell would slow it a tad .

1565 hdr homunga bay waterfall web by M Handley.

The Homunga Bay waterfall

1573waterfall homunga bay blur web by M Handley.

The falls

1574 selfie waterfall web#02 by M Handley.

1579rocks homunga bay web by M Handley.

Rocks in the surf at Homunga Bay


Although the walk down is 45 mins or so … the haul back up is a far different story . Be prepared for the climb ! You need some decent fitness to do it especially if you have a back-pack with weight or left-over food etc .Or the other option is to walk in from the northern end of Waihi beach which is about 3 hours one way return [ 6 hours walking ]  making for a really good day out especially with longer days with day-light saving time .

Which ever you do the place is just awesome …

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