One of the hiking trails in the Kaimai-Mamaku forest park in the Bay of Plenty takes you to the DOC hut at Waitawheta which from the northern end follows a old tramway track that used to carry Kauri timber cut down from the surrounding forest . The tracks and some gear can still be seen today .Our hike started from the end of Franklin road and as we were on the old tramway it was really a easy walk , the new suspension bridges make for dry feet except for one crossing and there is a detour available although it would be a bit sticky in the wet .

At one point there is a bogey set up as a demo of how the tramway would have worked back in the milling days .

The end of this section is marked by a small bridge over a small waterfall taking you to the hut  . These falls have been given the shall we say “nick-name” of  the toilet bowl falls , coming from the obvious similarity . Its a bit mean really because they are rather unique in their formation .

This image was made from the narrow walking bridge that transverses the stream on the way to the hut . The hut itself is regarded as the “Hilton” of DOC huts at the time of its construction . It is sited where the original logging mill cook house was operating hence the steel bogey wheels in the grass .

0190 toilet bowl falls web #01 by M Handley.

0207 waitewheta hut web #02 by M Handley.

0199 bogey at hut web_ by M Handley.

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