A genre that i am also interested in is what i call “Documentary Photography” or creating a archive of a event to maintain a visual record of a event such as a weather event, a occasion or disaster such like the Rena grounding and the consequences of that event.

Having a record from a more mature standpoint may be of interest to you. My experience includes the Rena event, motor racing meets and have produced a small book version cronicling such meets for the members to have a pernament record.

Below are some examples and if the idea is of interest to you then lets chat.

Have included some White Island images for illustrative purposes for general place and people style of imaging.

Many thanks.

8034 White island tour
02 Rena cleanup
6616NZFMR 2014 #12 web by M Handley.
8078 white island tours
03 Rena oil spill
Greg Murphy supertourer at hampton downs
0431mount storm #03

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