Many of the well known and photographed spots in the Coromandel always have plenty of visitors coming and going, like the famous Cathedral Cove and the Hot Water Beach, among others. But there is much more to be seen, it just takes some looking and a bit of dumb luck to find your way to a spot outside of common local knowledge. This coastal route is one of those hidden gems, as a coastal reserve that does not have a DOC maintained access track. Consequently, some common sense is required when navigating the steep bluffs and natural tree root steps, with old rope used for steeper sections. All in all, it is a 3-4 hour round trip if you want to get to the long beach which passes two other bays that might make their own peaceful stopping points. The further you go the less evidence of humans you will find. The easiest way to travel to this spot seems to be by boat as there are fisherpeople usually taking advantage of the plentiful rock formations in the area, which attract a decent number of fish for them to attempt to catch.


All of the above are illustrative iPhone images from the track.

Track markers from the first bay on are just orange bits of cloth tied to branches so do not look for the usual DOC pointy orange arrows. Also parts of what we shall call a route run against some fencing, rusty barbed wire included as well as low hanging Pohutakawa tree branches as well as the odd flax bush that tries to trip you up.

The point that i am making is its a bit of a challenge if you don’t get off trail much but the rewards are just stupendous. Have some common sense and you will be fine. Just be aware of the tides and weather forecasts.

Named this Spanner Rock as it seemed like a upside down spanner. Its a man thing…

Had to include a selfie, as you do. This is the second bay on the track going south, after this  the long beach can be reached by scrambling up through some bush and then following a small track down a small ridge line.

This is Tokakahakaha Island. This beach is the reward for your track navigations where hopefully there is no one around.

Images from a previous trip. Funny how you keep coming back but then again its usually different each time so plenty to photograph and always new corners to explore.

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Onemana coastal track...

This is the start point for the track. Don’t get lost…

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