Owharoa falls…

Owharoa falls…

These have to be one of the most photographed falls in the Bay of Plenty/Coromandel by far. Having said that makes a different composition all the more hard so left out the rocks and went for a nice flowering piece of herbage…
5061owharo falls weeds web by M Handley.

Alpine garden…

Alpine garden…

Ruapehu stands over all the landscape and definitely has its moods. This day a approaching weather system from the west created some cloud to swirl about the tops. Amazing the resilience of the plant life on its lower slopes and how they cling to the volcanic environment. Made sure that i didn’t stomp all over the plants either…its hard enough in this climate with-out some pesky human trampling on ya..

4794ruapehu web_ by M Handley. 4751ruapehu le web by M Handley. 4735Ruapehu stormy web by M Handley.

4794ruapehu web_ by M Handley. 4751ruapehu le web by M Handley. 4735Ruapehu stormy web by M Handley.

Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe longshot…

Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe longshot…

At the summit of the Kaimais when you drive between the Bay and the Waikato if you are very lucky with a clear evening you can see the mountains of Tongariro National Park in all their glory…although a few ks away. This shot was made using a zoom lens – 70 to 200mm on a crop sensor camera which really brings those far objects seemingly closer. In this case the effect is just awesome…especially with that sunset light. Couldn’t have asked for more.

As usual canvas prints are available with out the watermark. Please enquire.

Thank you…

4427ruapehu-ngauruhoe kaimai web by M Handley.

Icons at sunset…


Tongariro National Park…a collection.

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Natty Park wanders…

Natty Park wanders…

Always enjoy time at National Park even if the weather is a bit annoying but so what…its mountains on a island. Weather seems to happen. But off course when weather happens there is always the world famous in Natty Park Schnapps Bar to squander a bit of spare time…just make sure your bed is walking distance or let some-one else drive.

As usual all the watermarked images are available as a canvas with-out the watermarks…see the pricing page for info.


3149ruapehu-scrub-track-web by M Handley.

Te Heuheu peak

3155-te-heuheu-peak-web by M Handley.

Te Heuheu peak

3156clouds-peak-web by M Handley.

Wave cloud

3170mahuia-rapids-redit-web by M Handley.

Mahuia rapids

3200-mahuia-ngauruhoe-web02 by M Handley.

Mahuia Rapids

3228-tawhai-falls-web by M Handley.

Tawhai Falls


3093-mahuia-rapids-rocks-web by M Handley.

Mahuia rapids

We also planned a hike from the Desert road to the chateau looking for a sunset near the Tama lakes but weather being weather that didn’t go well. Never mind the dinner we cooked went down rather nicely part way then amnaged to arrive at the Chateau at about 11.40pm then off to the book-a-batch. No sooner settling down then that earthquake happened…not nice.

Following are a collection of iPhone images purely for illustration…the image quality is not up to printing…of the across the divide wander.





img_1109 by .

img_1110 by .

img_1118 by .

img_1120 by .

img_1141 by .

Dinner on the trail…no fancy silver wear here…

img_1142 by .

Magical Rotorua redwoods…

Magical Rotorua redwoods…

The redwoods at Rotorua town on the road to Tarawera Lake are a really special spot with a heap of options for wandering …from easy to gut busting.

Highly recommend if you want to chill out and the new skywalk looks a blast as well…

2520redwoods-stream-web by M Handley.

A stream with forest litter preserved under water.

2531redwoods-path-web02 by M Handley.

Redwood track

2551redwoods-long-path-web by M Handley.

Redwood main track

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