Supertourer impressions …

Supertourer impressions …

Apart from landscapes i also take a passing interest in the back-stage dynamics and race start tensions of motor racing . Usually good for some human interest . There is only one curcuit image in this set … i leave that mostly to the big lens group .

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4290supertourers HD nov 2014 chester web by M Handley. 4298supertourers HD nov 2014 sound web by M Handley. 4301supertourers HD nov 2014 slade web by M Handley.

4397supertourers HD nov 2014 ss web by M Handley. 4400supertourers HD nov 2014 marlboro web by M Handley. 4414supertourers HD nov 2014 white holden web by M Handley. 4418supertourers HD nov 2014 white holden#02 web by M Handley. 4432supertourers HD nov 2014 murph grid  web by M Handley. 4441supertourers HD nov 2014 russel grid  web by M Handley. 4462supertourers HD nov 2014 boc nose grid  web by M Handley. 4464supertourers HD nov 2014 chester grid  web by M Handley. 4308supertourers HD nov 2014 slade#02  web by M Handley.


4437supertourers hd nov 2014 smag grid #02 web by M Handley.

Summer dreaming …

Summer dreaming …

This shot at the pre-race grid walk for the Supertourers at Pukekohe reminds me of the warm stuff to come now that summer is on its way . Love to do these different angle images as that add a atmosphere feel or is it just pre-race nerves ?

0272supertourers puke start web by M Handley

Supertourers at Pukekohe May 2013 .

Supertourers at Pukekohe May 2013 .

Was lucky to get to Pukekoe raceway to take in the Supertourers do battle again . Pity about the weather on Saturday but Sunday was somewhat better depending on your point of view . If you were driving and left the track  well bad luck . Mud . Doesn”t go well with racing tyres . The rescue crews were busy and so there were delays as you would expect . Consequently the racing ended on Sunday a tad late …. so much so almost got a nice setting sun shot with the prize giving . But all ends well with the Giz taking the round with Murph and young Scott McLaughlin rounding out the top three . Although some cars looked like cockies cars with some mud on with off field excursions …. all in the name of racing . As you do .

May 26, 2013supertourers  blur web pit_ by M Handley

Tasman Motorsports supertourer on pit row .

May 26, 2013nzv8 ute slide web by M Handley

NZV8 ute racing … spin out

May 26, 2013supertourer brennan #01 by M Handley

Grant Brennan corvette

May 26, 2013supertourer gridgirls #01 by M Handley

The super tourers grid girls being framed .

May 26, 2013supertourer gridgirls #03 by M Handley

Grid-girls being framed and silly .

May 26, 2013supertourer gridgirls #04 by M Handley

Grid-girls at the super tourers , Pukekohe . Who me ??

May 26, 2013supertourer mcintyre #03 by M Handley

John McIntyre at Pukekohe supertourers , with lose bit”s .

May 26, 2013supertourer pitlane #01 by M Handley

Pitlane behing the garages . Not much room at Pukekohe .

May 26, 2013supertourer pitlane #03 by M Handley

TV talk . Spilling the beans on his sponser ride .

May 26, 2013supertourer pitlane #05 by M Handley

Pitlane behind the garages .

May 26, 2013supertourer prizegiving#03 by M Handley

Prizegiving at supertourers , Pukekohe . Got so late there was a golden sunset to cap it off .

May 26, 2013supertourer prizegiving#02 by M Handley

Golden suset at prize giving , suer tourers at Pukekohe .












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