Social media posts from  June  to Dec 2019

Social media posts from June to Dec 2019

These are the images that appeared on the Muzz Handley facebook page from June to Dec 2019. If you click upon a image it will open in a lightbox viewer. To enquire upon any image take note of the reference number and title either at the bottom left when in the viewer or hover over a image with your cursor and a reference will appear. A contact form is at the bottom of the page.

We print on fine art paper in house in either A2 or A3 format. Panoramas we outscource at the moment printed on canvas by a NZ printing house.

Hope you enjoy these images. They are not in any genre order. Only in the order that they were published.

1881 Tongaporutu Boulders at sunset
4061 The rainwater lake beside the Desert road with Ruapehu
2115 Tongaporutu Boulders with setting sun
4010 Walking track with fresh snow at Ruapehu
3476 Misty Bowentown beach sunrise
4085 Ruapehu with stream flowing away
2016 Tongaporutu sea stack at sunset
2001 Tongaporutu sea stack
4277 Waihi stamp battery on a misty morning
4318 Papamoa beach sunset walkers
1137 Staircase Falls in the Kaimai Ranges
4238 Genko tree in autumn
2064 Caverns on the Tongaporutu coastline
4254 Misty Waihi town
4433 Mount waves
4451 Pilot Bay walkway
4544 sunset at Waitarere Beach
031 misty Mount track
079 Long exposure at North Rock
0098 Sheep farming in New Zealand
3558 aussie bushfire smokey sunrise
0259 Te Apiti wind farm
0127 Waipunga Falls

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Favourites from the Bay of Plenty…

Favourites from the Bay of Plenty…

This is a collection of imagery created over a few years which are my favourites for many varied reasons. There is no real theme running thru but that they all are from the greater bay area and cover a wide gammut of subjects…all have their own story. Most are available for inhouse A2 or A3  prints on fine art papers  or for commercial licensing. Please do enquire by quoting the image title and number found at the bottom left of the highlighted image or by holding your cursor over the image.

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1370 Bridge marina sunset waters
0842 Sulphur Point sunset
5183 port of tauranga tugs misty
2992 Mount beach sunset at Leisure Island
9480 Kaiate Falls
5777 Mount red sunset
9536 Pilot Bay sunset
8723 Papamoa beach sand dunes
7979 Mclarens Falls on a misty autumn day
4318 sunset Papamoa family
3135 Pohutakawa flowers at Mount summit
3103 Mclarens falls park
0900 White tui
7030 Historic stairway at Mount Maunganui
3061 Sunset from the top of Mount Maunganui
0225 Sunset at Mount Maunganui
8733 boats in rainstorm
7330 lifeboat competition
8815 Mount Tauranga panorama
3392 fireworks at Tauranga
5277bridge marina sunset
8859 kauri point wharf

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Old historic wharf at Tokaanu at sunrise…

Old historic wharf at Tokaanu at sunrise…

The old historic wharf at Tokaanu is not particularly easy to find. Only a small sign saying wharf road and if you have a allergy to mettle roads then its not for you. Apart from that you arrive at a park area just at the wharf wondering whos been here before and whats lying around as its a bit secluded. But the bird life is amazing and if you are lucky like i was this time the sunrise is amazing as well.

All these images are available as prints or for commercial licensing. Contact me with the form at the bottom and will be right back to you … thank you.


3557 Tokaanu Wharf sunrise
3565 Tokaanu historic wharf
3557 Historic Tokaanu wharf
3557 Wharf at Tokaanu at sunrise

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A picture study of Omokoroa.

A picture study of Omokoroa.

Omokoroa in the Tauranga Harbour was a sleepy holiday destination then a few people decided that as well as holidays there why not make it a retirement home. With this general mix of people for awhile its now become a satellite style of new town with all the new development to contrast against the old batch style of community and everything in between. To the old timers its just not the same but is still good to see some of the original batches still taking centre stage on the waterfront. Have been trying to catch some interesting imagery of the waterfront area recently but the good light has been elusive to say the least. So that brings out a bit of a creative thought process with this imagery with some good luck at being in the right place at the right time.

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Right place, right time…

Right place, right time…

So true are these words when i was just doing a bit of “carry the heavy camera bag up and around the Mount” for some resistance training. Thats my excuse anyways. The first hint of a awesome sunset was when you look at the Kaimai Ranges and you can see a clear line of sight just above the ranges then cloud above. This means that when the sun dips below the cloud and above the ranges you get a burst of sunlight under the cloud layer…depending upon whats happening in the Waikato as so far as cloud layers are concerned which would block the light. On this evening there must have been nothing all the way to the west coast as the sky really lit up sending most photogs into a frenzy…online anyway.

But all this is a bit useless unless you have a half decent composition. The best i could find at that time was the main Mount beach which isn’t to shabby anyway.

These two panoramas are made up of 7 images taken from left to right with exposure, focus etc all locked down to keep the images the same so that they would stitch together with-out any tell tale lines between the shots.Was a bit frantic getting everything set properly before the light disappeared. Thankfully managed these shots which are really pleased with especially the shot looking back at the Mount. Kept the hill in shadow as that seemed to suit the image to highlight the rest of the scene. How well did i do? Lets know…submit a comment in the comments form below under the order form…

As usual these images are available as prints with-out the watermark…lets talk.

To view larger just click on the image and it will open in a lightbox viewer…

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