Social media posts – June and July 2020.

Social media posts – June and July 2020.

A collection from my Facebook, Insta and flickr accounts from June 8th to 14th July 2020.

There is no order of genre except the order that they were published.

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1172 Mount Taranaki panorama
1155 Panorama  from Mount Taranaki
1453 Castlepoint sunset
1393 Taranki lighthouse
1370 Taranaki boulder
1301 Te Rewa rewards bridge
1308 Te Rewa rewards bridge
4090 misty sunrise
1477 Classic Castlepoint Lighthouse
1446 crazy clouds
1648 Ngauruhoe new snow
1639 snow track
1659 Chateau Tongariro.
1501 Whakapapanui bridge
0184 Waihi Falls
1317 Taranaki north coast.
1619 Tawhai Falls in snow.

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Right place, right time…

Right place, right time…

So true are these words when i was just doing a bit of “carry the heavy camera bag up and around the Mount” for some resistance training. Thats my excuse anyways. The first hint of a awesome sunset was when you look at the Kaimai Ranges and you can see a clear line of sight just above the ranges then cloud above. This means that when the sun dips below the cloud and above the ranges you get a burst of sunlight under the cloud layer…depending upon whats happening in the Waikato as so far as cloud layers are concerned which would block the light. On this evening there must have been nothing all the way to the west coast as the sky really lit up sending most photogs into a frenzy…online anyway.

But all this is a bit useless unless you have a half decent composition. The best i could find at that time was the main Mount beach which isn’t to shabby anyway.

These two panoramas are made up of 7 images taken from left to right with exposure, focus etc all locked down to keep the images the same so that they would stitch together with-out any tell tale lines between the shots.Was a bit frantic getting everything set properly before the light disappeared. Thankfully managed these shots which are really pleased with especially the shot looking back at the Mount. Kept the hill in shadow as that seemed to suit the image to highlight the rest of the scene. How well did i do? Lets know…submit a comment in the comments form below under the order form…

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Mount panoramic…

Mount panoramic…

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This is five images blended into this panoramic which ended as a rather large file. It was so detailed i could zoom in and read some ships names so would print as a high resolution image.

Hopefully when you click on the image to open in a lightbox its resolution will show thru. A bit hard to do on a screen especially a small one. But then again you can expand with a small screen and really have a good look around. Beware this is a large file size and may take a few seconds to load up…

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