A picture study of Omokoroa.

A picture study of Omokoroa.

Omokoroa in the Tauranga Harbour was a sleepy holiday destination then a few people decided that as well as holidays there why not make it a retirement home. With this general mix of people for awhile its now become a satellite style of new town with all the new development to contrast against the old batch style of community and everything in between. To the old timers its just not the same but is still good to see some of the original batches still taking centre stage on the waterfront.

Have been trying to catch some interesting imagery of the waterfront area recently but the good light has been elusive to say the least. So that brings out a bit of a creative thought process with this imagery with some good luck at being in the right place at the right time.

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Burke Street old wharf…

Burke Street old wharf…

The old wharf piles at Burke Street in Thames in the Coromandel are a bit of a photographers magnet. Its a little bit like the Wanaka Tree in its ability to attract attention but it has no glorious mountain back-drop to fill in behind so its really the weather at the time yhat has to fill in that spot be it a stunning sunset or some moody clouds. A perfect cloudless sky doesn’t seem to cut it.

In this case the day was just bleh and had a monotone feel so what else is a photog to do but make a black and white image. Have included a colour shot made just afterwards for a comparison.

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Mount panoramic…

Mount panoramic…

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This is five images blended into this panoramic which ended as a rather large file. It was so detailed i could zoom in and read some ships names so would print as a high resolution image.

Hopefully when you click on the image to open in a lightbox its resolution will show thru. A bit hard to do on a screen especially a small one. But then again you can expand with a small screen and really have a good look around. Beware this is a large file size and may take a few seconds to load up…

The colours of late Autumn…

The colours of late Autumn…

McLarens Falls on the Kaimai Ranges above Tauranga town are a visual feast at Autumn [ Fall ] time.

Couple that with a good drenching the nite before these images were taken produces ample water to flood the near lake side ground and get the falls themselves racing.

This is a great amenity for the Bay of Plenty area and with the booming population going on there is a constant trickle of people running thru just doing their thing or wanting some peace and quiet.

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