Social media roundup. Jan to June 2020

Social media roundup. Jan to June 2020

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A roundup of the Facebook and instagram posts from January to June 2020. There is no particular order regarding types of images only a general order that they were published. 

Most imaging is available as inhouse printed A2 or A3 sized fine art paper prints and the panoramas are at the moment outsourced to a NZ print house to print onto a canvas. Make sure you note the image number by holding your cursor over the image or on the bottom left if you enlarge the image.

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0416 Castlepoint lighthouse
0334 crazy clouds
0632 sunset road
0426 sheep herd
0450 clouds at sunset
0651 Castle rock
0669 castle point lighthouse
3818 misty hills
0693 angry clouds
0749 Ruahine sunset pano
0764 Trig station sunset
0716 sunset fields
3897 Full moon arising
3804 hill light
3929 hills are alight
3764 lone tree sunset
0450 clouds at sunset
1046 Te Apiti wind farm
1139 sunrise at Mount Taranaki
1429 Rainbow farm

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Social media posts from  June  to Dec 2019

Social media posts from June to Dec 2019

These are the images that appeared on the Muzz Handley facebook page from June to Dec 2019. If you click upon a image it will open in a lightbox viewer. To enquire upon any image take note of the reference number and title either at the bottom left when in the viewer or hover over a image with your cursor and a reference will appear. A contact form is at the bottom of the page.

We print on fine art paper in house in either A2 or A3 format. Panoramas we outscource at the moment printed on canvas by a NZ printing house.

Hope you enjoy these images. They are not in any genre order. Only in the order that they were published.

1881 Tongaporutu Boulders at sunset
4061 The rainwater lake beside the Desert road with Ruapehu
2115 Tongaporutu Boulders with setting sun
4010 Walking track with fresh snow at Ruapehu
3476 Misty Bowentown beach sunrise
4085 Ruapehu with stream flowing away
2016 Tongaporutu sea stack at sunset
2001 Tongaporutu sea stack
4277 Waihi stamp battery on a misty morning
4318 Papamoa beach sunset walkers
1137 Staircase Falls in the Kaimai Ranges
4238 Genko tree in autumn
2064 Caverns on the Tongaporutu coastline
4254 Misty Waihi town
4433 Mount waves
4451 Pilot Bay walkway
4544 sunset at Waitarere Beach
031 misty Mount track
079 Long exposure at North Rock
0098 Sheep farming in New Zealand
3558 aussie bushfire smokey sunrise
0259 Te Apiti wind farm
0127 Waipunga Falls

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Old historic wharf at Tokaanu at sunrise…

Old historic wharf at Tokaanu at sunrise…

The old historic wharf at Tokaanu is not particularly easy to find. Only a small sign saying wharf road and if you have a allergy to mettle roads then its not for you. Apart from that you arrive at a park area just at the wharf wondering whos been here before and whats lying around as its a bit secluded. But the bird life is amazing and if you are lucky like i was this time the sunrise is amazing as well.

All these images are available as prints or for commercial licensing. Contact me with the form at the bottom and will be right back to you … thank you.


3557 Tokaanu Wharf sunrise
3565 Tokaanu historic wharf
3557 Historic Tokaanu wharf
3557 Wharf at Tokaanu at sunrise

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Tongariro National Park wanders April 2019..

Tongariro National Park wanders April 2019..

Anytime we have the opportunity to visit Tongariro National Park it is looked forward to at least a month beforehand. This is partly decided by the availability of our fav book-a-batch but this time it was totally booked up so had to make a change around  but ended up all good.

Usually we plan a tramp where we haven’t wandered before to create new imaging and try a new challenge. So this time it was up whats called ‘Hardmans Ridge’ which for us the start and finish was the carpark for the start of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Its best to have some one drop you off so thats where family are very handy.

After starting there its up to Mangatepopo hut which is a small way up the crossing track and to the left. Going around the hut its down across the Mangatepopo Stream and up the sidling to reach the start of ‘Hardmans Ridge’. From here we were to follow the ridge line in almost a direct line towards Tongariro summit but before the base of Tongariro we followed GPS cordinates running on a gentler line to the north until we reached a small flat crater to the north of Tongariro. By this stage , about 5 hours or so, looking at the steeper climb over the volcanic rocks to the summit and approaching sunset a deviation to the Emerald Lakes on the crossing track was  deemed a better solution as we were a bit over scrambling up lose rocks etc. Bah to that. Even so it was still some cross country down a gully and across another crater to get to the lakes. Most of the tramping so far was over volcanic rocks which dont make for the best hiking with a decent pack with camera gear on. And was  also was voted the bunny of the day when muscle cramps did their thing just betfore the lakes so some hasty water drinking to rehydrate was in order.Gee that really hurts like crazy. Pity didn’t have any electrolytes. Have remedied that issue for next time.

Dinner was had at the lakes- some stew and potatoe with strawberry ice cream for pudding. Amazing what you can get with dehydrated meals.

To get back to our collection point at the carpark mean’t now climbing Red Crater which is 190 meters of scrambling up what seems like a loose mettle dump. Nearly blew a valve on that one… After summiting Red Crater – that sounds silly – its a wander in the park all the way down. Actually really pleasant as it was so still, totally dark with no moon light and nobody to be seen. Awesome…

With all these images you can enlarge them by hovering your cursor over a image and clicking on it.

All imaging is available as prints or for commercial licensing. Use the form at the bottom to get in touch  with your requirements and will be right back to you…

This image is a screen shot from my phone with the GPS hiking app that we use to track our route and also to double check where we are in case the weather closes in and visibality becomes non existant. Very handy. You can see our track where we deviated from the crossing track at Mangatepopo and up the ridge which isn’t named on this map as its all off trail. Actually it makes  a nice round track appart from ‘Hardmans Ridge’  which lives up to its name…

The view of Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu from Harmans Ridge about two thirds of the way up. You can see the lava flows on the side of Ngauruhoe and also the alpine plants are just fantastic. You really have to not step on them…

A panoramic made of the lower Emerald Lake just after sunset with the sunset glow still going on. You can make out the Alpine Track on the centre left heading into the distance which up to a thousand people give or take hike every day if conditions are right. Not much growing here…

One of the Emerald Lakes looking back at the steep ascent we made to the top of the Red Crater at top right. The whole thing is like climbing up a big mettle pile…two forward and one back. Phew…

From left to right the first two are  bush scenes from National Park. Next is the Mangawhero Falls on the Turoa skifeild access road and lastly the Mahuia Rapids. 

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Facebook posts from November/December 2018

Facebook posts from November/December 2018

Facebook 3rd November, 2018.

A sunset shot at the Tauranga harbour entrance with a bird doing a photo bomb...

Facebook 12 November 2018

This old farm shed on the main highway north from Bulls town has been photographed many a time and the challenge is to capture the changes of seasons and whats being farmed at the time. The sheep were a bit shy for this shot…

Facebook December 2nd, 2018.

The spheres on the coast north of New Plymouth really are such a special tresure insofar as they are not often above the shifting sands and to see them is a low tide treck because of where they are which can be dangerous if you don”t get your timing right. This image is available to buy as a canvas of fine art print. Please enquire…

Facebook December 5th 2018.

This sea stack is really hard to pass by with out standing in awe of its structure. Rivals anything in the Coromandel thats for sure.

Taranaki at sunrise from Lake Mangamahoe is a real treat when the cloud gods are in your favour such as the case that morning. Didn”t stop the ducks asking for a feed tho…

Facebook December 11 th .

More hidden tresures of Taranaki north which are so elusive and hard to get to. I call them spheres as they are perfectly round and would rival the Moaraki boulders in the South Island for presence…

Facebook December 20th.

A lightening show that made a apperance before christmas which rivaled anything we have had for a few years…

Facebook 31 December 2018.

The wreck or whats left of the Gairlock on the Taranaki coastline made a fitting for the end of 2018. Intent was to highlight the rusty decayed nature of the old wreck trying to stand the test of time…

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