Was just marking time in Hamilton one day and had a few hours to kill so thought a drive to Raglan on a bland day would be a different thing to be doing .

Raglan on that day did not have that much to offer and had already had lunch so the cafe”s could”t tempt me . The beach was just so so as well . Hmmm wot to do ?

Remember on the drive in a sign saying – “Bridle Veil Falls” so thought – as you do – why not . The drive there is a nice country road affair with general farmland to view which all lead to the car-part with the usual camper-vans all lined up . Nice … must be the spot .

Following the signs down the path-way lead”s  to the top of the falls and you can see the drop below you looking into the falls pool with stream running on . Very nice . How do you get down ?? Oh look – steps ! Forgot how many …. about 350 or so . Good exercise me-thought .

The view back up at the falls was definitely worth it . What do you think ?

Bridle veil falls copy

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