Drag Racing at the Masterton Motorplex, December 10th 2022

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Was fortunate to be able to visit the Masterton Motorplex on the saturday for the National Drag Racing Championship - Group 1 round on the qualifying day. Had a choice of days and the weather forecast seemed a bit favourable for the saturday and was thinking as a beginning of the race meet visit most cars would be on track. 

Do not under any means call myself a expert on the local drag scene but do like to watch some good engineering and listen to some V8 noise being a old petrol head from way back. 

This is a small collection of sights but no smells from the Saturday's competition. For any image usage for editorial purposes please get in touch though the contact page...

Spectators watching a burnout Masterton Drag burnout with spectators.View from the spectator bank with a car doing a burnout with spectators close holding their fingers in their ears to block out the noise. Spectators reacting to the noise. You get very close to the action at this track. It is also very well maintained with the grounds very tidy which is a credit to the locals who look after it. Even the rest rooms are clean...

3154  Masterton Drags  blogBurn outA decent skid More fool me for not getting a program upon entry. Usually it's a golden rule to get one when entering so that when it comes to a commentary like this all the entrants that have imaged are given credit. That was a bad...

  Masterton Drags  burnoutWheel skid A slightly longer exposure brining out the wheel spin. 3192  Masterton Drags  blogEl Chapo skid.El Chapo showing how a skid is done at Masterton Motorplex. For some reason capturing the spin speed of the rear wheels creates a great action shot so long as part of the car is in focus.

3220  Masterton Drags  blogMasterton Motorplex start line.A competitor waiting their turn for a burn out with tyre smoke filling the air. The organisation and also the public commentary was very good. You knew what was going on even when things were held up and why.

3224  Masterton Drags  blogSide view of a drag car.A low down image of a drag car with exhaust pipes. Often a low down front image works very well. Bit hard tho with all the bods running around wanting their legs in the shot.

3241  Masterton Drags  blogDrag car at the staging area.Getting ready to race... The presentation of the cars was also top notch. Just look at that paint job.

3267  Masterton Drags  blogReady to race at Masterton Motorplex.Last minute adjustments on the start line. Just getting the final details sorted...

3298  Masterton Drags  blogRace car blur.Full noise down the track. Slower shutter speed really brings out the expression of speed. trick is to keep a part of the car in focus. Actually don't fret about the whole car sharp but there must be some part which is crystal clear...in this case the cars number and sponsorship details on the back wing.

3309  Masterton Drags  blogPit road at the Masterton Motorplex.Look down one of the pit roads on race day. And look down her. No rubbish. Clean and tidy. What a testament to the organisers and the competitors as well as the public.

3313  Masterton Drags  blogJunior dragstersStaging area for the junior drag racers. The racers of tomorrow get all the encouragement to get out there racing in the junior classes with enthusiastic parents and mentors.

3374   Masterton Drags  blogWheelie Nothing like showing a wheelie at the start. Looks like way too much fun to be legal...

3502    Masterton Drags  blogBurnoutSmoke creation at the Masterton Motorplex with a burn out. More long exposure with the Total logo nice and sharp. Some photogs like every-thing sharp as but cannot be concerned with that technique as i like the expression of speed and drama with these style of images.

3423    Masterton Drags  blogBurnout smokeIts looking a bit smoky for the spectators after a burn out. Will end with  a smokey shot which for the spectators is up close and personal. Great facilities. If maybe you have been thinking of having a look check out the Facebook page to see when the next meet is. For a family its a good time out but definitely have ear protection for your self and its a must for the kids. 

Looking forward to the next visit...




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