The Lake Wanaka area.

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So to get the elephant out of the room will bring up the Wanaka Tree images thru first which isn't really chronological but really never mind.

Must admit that having seen and imaged the Taupo Tree many times and the 'how to get to it' is really not discussed at all , to get to this tree it seems like there is a main highway to it...metophorically speaking. It's really touristy and all the times i dropped in there the tree wasn't by itself. Staged two photoshoots there at sunset and sunrise early the next morning. There were plenty of cameras at both times. At the sunrise session a photo tour was in class with their tour leader with most all of them lined up in a row taking the same angle. In fact most if not all of the group just stayed in the same position. Sorry but just cannot do that...the feet get itchy and have to find as many angles as possible. Have found by experience that when you get back to the computer you end up wishing that you had just got something else rather than just the same thing so now have a rule to myself to move lots. 

Anyway here is a vid of the tree that morning...


And some more tourists. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black!


Do wonder about how much revenue this obscure little world famous tree has earned for Wanaka town. There is a lot of development happening there at the moment. It actually reminds me of Taupo Town. Both have a lake and both have a tree in the lake. Just that this one is's own hashtag as well [see above ]

Really struggled with getting what i anticipated...and that probably was the problem. Moral being is just go with what you get. So in the end on a personal level have probably liked this image the most as its really a simple comp of all the elements of the landscape. Sunrise colours, the tree, the lake and the snowy mountains. But am still looking the grand panoramas as they show the big mountains surrounding the lake. 

Anyways here goes...

#thewanakatree at sunrise.#thewanakatree at sunrise.With a red glow on the snow capped mountains behind the Wanaka Tree at sunrise with the lake water smoothed out with a long exposure and the tree with new spring leaves in the golden glow of the sunrise looking north-west at the tree from the beach with the colour photograph in a square format.

Or a grand panorama...

The Wanaka Tree at sunrise.The Wanaka Tree at sunrise.Looking towards The Wanaka tree in a colour panoramic image with the foreshore trees on the left and the snowy mountains in the background with the first red sunrise light on their flanks with a long exposure making the lake water smooth. Or a bit of both...

Wide angle of the Wanaka Tree.Wide angle of the Wanaka Tree.With the mountains and hills from the northern side of the lake the Wanaka Tree with new spring leaves with a red glow from the sunrise standing in Lake Wanaka with the water blurred out using a long exposure. Or maybe this image...

Sunset with the Wanaka Tree.Sunset with the Wanaka Tree.With fresh new spring leaves the Wanaka Tree in Lake Wanaka is backdropped with snow covered ranges in the far distance with sunset light hitting the tops and the snow left over from winter and golden sunset clouds above. Thats actually from the sunset the evening before. There is a difference with the light on the mountain tops with each one as the light changed. Also this image is more eye level to the tree.

Sunrise with the Wanaka Tree.Sunrise with the Wanaka Tree.With sunrise colours on the clouds above the mountain peaks behind the Wanaka Tree sits in Lake Wanaka's still waters on morning. This is just before the sun set that evening. The different light when shooting at sunset and sunrise imparts a different feel as it changes. If you are doing a long exposure there is a constant changing of time exposure settings in conjunction with your ISO to get the blur but with-out any wind rustling the leaves in the tree. All good fun. 

It's not all about the tree you know.

As well the Wanaka Lake has some just awesome views around its shoreline. There was no access to Roys Peak as it was lambing time so there is the excuse for not clambering up  there. Was a time short traveller anyways.

Really liked Glendhu Bay. It was popular with many family groups too and can see why.The spring leaves were really colourful at this time bringing out shades of green and gold.

Glendhu Bay, Lake Wanaka.Glendhu Bay, Lake Wanaka.A panoramic image of Glendhu Bay with spring leaves on the foreshore trees in the middle distance with the ranges in the background with snow still left from winter still evident with cloud obscuring the tops. Just around the corner [sort off ] is Parkins Bay offering up views of flat farmland extending to the mountain ranges behind. Real picture postcard stuff.

Parkins Bay, Lake Wanaka.Parkins Bay, Lake Wanaka.With Black Rock on the far left in this panoramic colour image looking straight out at farmland and trees on the opposite side of Parkins Bay with snowy mountain ranges and southern alps in the far background. Lake Hawea.

For a short detour made my  way partly down Highway 6 which is the highway from the West Coast. The views along this road are just stunning. Here is a taster...

Lake Hawea  road trip.Lake Hawea road trip.From a high point on the highway past Lake Hawea looking down the middle of the road towards green farmland and the road disappearing in the distance and the blue lake on the right hand side with the snow covered alps in the background.  But travelling that road is for another time. 

Lindis Pass.

The landscapes on the road down and thru the pass are just extraordinary, for a north islander. Just no signs of buildings or any of that. Just grassland. Almost reminded me of the Desert Road, but not quite.

Driving to Lindis Pass.Driving to Lindis Pass.A colour image from the middle of the road as if you are driving towards Lindis Pass, NZ , with the sides with a blur effect to accentuate the speed with the road leading up to the pass in the far distance surrounded by grassland and fences. Lindi Pass road.Lindi Pass road.Looking down from the Lindis Pass viewpoint at the valley approaching the pass from the north with snowy ranges in the background.

The top view is looking up and the next looking down.

And this is from the summit.

Lindis  Pass panorama.Lindis Pass panorama.A wide panoramic image of the highest point of the highway over Lindis Pass showing the road coming from the left and disappearing on the right down the valley from the pass in the alpine tussock covered landscape. At the top there is a little view point. Just beside the walkway is the fence for the station beside the highway and being a rural type of chap who has constructed many a fence before now it seemed really different seeing fencing using barbed wire and number8 at that with steel waratahs [ for the rocky ground ] as posts instead of timber. Intrigued me so much had to get some artistic interpretations.

Grassland fences.Grassland fences.A view looking down into a vally with boundary fencing on the right hand side with barbed wire and steel posts thru the golden alpine grasses. Fence post at Lindis Pass.Fence post at Lindis Pass.A corner strainer post for the high country fencing grassland at Lindi Pass with rusty old wire and barbed wire as well. High country farm fencing.High country farm fencing.A basic station fence with barbed wire and steel waratahs for posts thru high country grazing area at Lindis Pass.

Thi is the last of this series of blogs. 

Am really hoping that by showing these snippets that many more will just head off on your own roadie. Its a lot of fun and doesn't have to coast the earth. You just need to be realistic about travel times and list your priorities about where to go. I only knew where was staying on the first night and the last to catch the ferry in good time. The rest you just go with the flow. For accomodation made good use of the app to find the good deals on the day. Many small town motels were just as cheap as a cabin at a camp ground with more facilities. And the really could do with the business.

Most of these images are available as prints on Canon fine art papers delivered to you for you to frame and hand in the frame of your choice.

Here is the link to the page where you can order. It opens in a new window.

Wanaka and surrounds image ordering page.

Am hoping that these 'in my own words' style of travel blogs have been somewhat fun and informative. Please do feel free to leave a comment. That would be appreciated.



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Excellent. Gorgeous photos. Must get down there one day
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