The Taupo Tree.

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It was a source of frustration trying to find where exactly the famous 'Taupo Tree' was. By the usual Google map searching provided inconsequential  results so it wasn't until a period of just physically wandering around likely areas against the lake shore and a hidden entry found by chance that managed to discover for my self this elusive tree. Ha... its not like it was running away but in the end was just hiding in plain sight. 

So now every time we pass this way it's a given that a visit to the tree is in order. Following is a selection of images from the Taupo Tree and it's next door cousin at various times of the seasons. 


The Taupo Tree in the Lake.The Taupo Tree in the Lake.A early still morning image of the tree in Lake Taupo with the steam rising from the geothermal power fields in the background and the birds sitting in the tree.

A square format image of the tree made on a cold still morning in winter with the resident birds resting in the tree with the geothermal steam clouds in the background.


Portrait of the Taupo Tree in the lake.Portrait of the Taupo Tree in the lake.A vertical image in colour of the tree in the lake at Lake Taupo with the foreshore leading in a curve towards the tree.

The tree in winter with a low lake level showing the foreshore creating a curved line towards the tree in the lake.


Taupo Tree.Taupo Tree.A square format image in colour of the Taupo Tree in the lake using a long exposure to smooth out the lake water in this mid morning image.


A square format image using a long exposure with a small sunburst just above the Taupo Tree.


A tree in Lake Taupo.A tree in Lake Taupo.The tree next door to the other tree in Lake Taupo which has a direct shape and form with the shores of the Western side of the lake in the background.

The other tree in Lake Taupo which is sometimes regarded as the poor cousin of the other tree as its not as photogenic but still has so much character.


The lone tree in a lake at Lake Taupo.The lone tree in a lake at Lake Taupo.A black and white rendition of the lone tree in the lake at Lake Taupo.


A black and white rendition of the Taupo Tree in a square format with the north western shore line in the background.


The Taupo tree in the lake.The Taupo tree in the lake.This is the lone tree in Lake Taupo which is a loosely guarded secret about how to get to it.

A colour version of the Taupo Tree looking due north with Taupo Town in the far distance with a long exposure to flatten the lake water.


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