Social media posts – June and July 2020.

Social media posts – June and July 2020.

A collection from my Facebook, Insta and flickr accounts from June 8th to 14th July 2020.

There is no order of genre except the order that they were published.

Dont forget that we print in-house on fine art papers to a max of A2 sizing but not panoramas just yet which we outscource to a NZ supplier as  a canvas print. Please check our products and pricing page.

We find that most people like to frame their fine art prints themselves so that they get a choice of surrounds and backing cards to suit their individual  home decor.

To enquire there is a contact form at the bottom of the page.

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1172 Mount Taranaki panorama
1155 Panorama  from Mount Taranaki
1453 Castlepoint sunset
1393 Taranki lighthouse
1370 Taranaki boulder
1301 Te Rewa rewards bridge
1308 Te Rewa rewards bridge
4090 misty sunrise
1477 Classic Castlepoint Lighthouse
1446 crazy clouds
1648 Ngauruhoe new snow
1639 snow track
1659 Chateau Tongariro.
1501 Whakapapanui bridge
0184 Waihi Falls
1317 Taranaki north coast.
1619 Tawhai Falls in snow.

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Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography

A genre that i am also interested in is what i call “Documentary Photography” or creating a archive of a event to maintain a visual record of a event such as a weather event, a occasion or disaster such like the Rena grounding and the consequences of that event.

Having a record from a more mature standpoint may be of interest to you. My experience includes the Rena event, motor racing meets and have produced a small book version cronicling such meets for the members to have a pernament record.

Below are some examples and if the idea is of interest to you then lets chat.

Have included some White Island images for illustrative purposes for general place and people style of imaging.

Many thanks.

8034 White island tour
02 Rena cleanup
6616NZFMR 2014 #12 web by M Handley.
8078 white island tours
03 Rena oil spill
Greg Murphy supertourer at hampton downs
0431mount storm #03

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Castlepoint then and again..

Castlepoint then and again..

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This place can be a enigma. Its a bit of a crountry drive out to the coast from Masterton town but the country side is what you would call typical New Zealand country starting from rolling hills at the outskirts of Masterton to steeper hill country and narrower roads which you share with the trucks and cars servicing the farms and forests to the visitor traffic heading to Riversdale and Castlepoint beaches.

Being a photog the weather plays a big part in planning and time can be spent going over the apps we have nowadays predicting these things but really at the end of the day its a case of if you dont try and just go you dont get anything. Therefore you must be prepared for the enivitable dissapointments.

Case in point would be heading to Castlepoint to try and capture the Rocket Lab launch. On the Thursday on this occaision it was delayed at the last minute because of high wids at just after dark. The thought was if the launch went as planned just on sunset it would have made a awesome shot with hopefully some sunset colours going on. Nope…

The next Saturday they tried again and it went off okay with some high cloud but man did that thing race into the sky. Talk about getting the settings all wrong. Big fat nada again.

So not wanting to let any chance go by have collated the other shots from those visits into this blog post to just prove that its never a waste of time anyway if you dont always get what you thought or planned.

Catching a rocket launch is a ongoing projet as it looks like Rocket Lab is winding up its launch schedule. Watch this space…

1477 Classic Castlepoint Lighthouse
0416 Castlepoint lighthouse
0669 Castlepoint lighthouse evening
0651 Castle Rock at Castlepoint
1447 Castle Point long exposure sunset
1453 Castlepoint at sunset
0649 Castlepoint sunset
1468 Castlepoint fun star trails

That last image i had some fun with. Dont know if it would print well but its nice to do something not serious.

We now print to A2 and A3 format on fine art papers ourselves which we ship in a damage free box to you to frame up in the style of your choice.

Please do enquire with the form below to get a image for your wall…

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Social media roundup. Jan to June 2020

Social media roundup. Jan to June 2020

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A roundup of the Facebook and instagram posts from January to June 2020. There is no particular order regarding types of images only a general order that they were published. 

Most imaging is available as inhouse printed A2 or A3 sized fine art paper prints and the panoramas are at the moment outsourced to a NZ print house to print onto a canvas. Make sure you note the image number by holding your cursor over the image or on the bottom left if you enlarge the image.

Contact me by using the form at the bottom of the page.

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0416 Castlepoint lighthouse
0334 crazy clouds
0632 sunset road
0426 sheep herd
0450 clouds at sunset
0651 Castle rock
0669 castle point lighthouse
3818 misty hills
0693 angry clouds
0749 Ruahine sunset pano
0764 Trig station sunset
0716 sunset fields
3897 Full moon arising
3804 hill light
3929 hills are alight
3764 lone tree sunset
0450 clouds at sunset
1046 Te Apiti wind farm
1139 sunrise at Mount Taranaki
1429 Rainbow farm

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Social media posts from  June  to Dec 2019

Social media posts from June to Dec 2019

These are the images that appeared on the Muzz Handley facebook page from June to Dec 2019. If you click upon a image it will open in a lightbox viewer. To enquire upon any image take note of the reference number and title either at the bottom left when in the viewer or hover over a image with your cursor and a reference will appear. A contact form is at the bottom of the page.

We print on fine art paper in house in either A2 or A3 format. Panoramas we outscource at the moment printed on canvas by a NZ printing house.

Hope you enjoy these images. They are not in any genre order. Only in the order that they were published.

1881 Tongaporutu Boulders at sunset
4061 The rainwater lake beside the Desert road with Ruapehu
2115 Tongaporutu Boulders with setting sun
4010 Walking track with fresh snow at Ruapehu
3476 Misty Bowentown beach sunrise
4085 Ruapehu with stream flowing away
2016 Tongaporutu sea stack at sunset
2001 Tongaporutu sea stack
4277 Waihi stamp battery on a misty morning
4318 Papamoa beach sunset walkers
1137 Staircase Falls in the Kaimai Ranges
4238 Genko tree in autumn
2064 Caverns on the Tongaporutu coastline
4254 Misty Waihi town
4433 Mount waves
4451 Pilot Bay walkway
4544 sunset at Waitarere Beach
031 misty Mount track
079 Long exposure at North Rock
0098 Sheep farming in New Zealand
3558 aussie bushfire smokey sunrise
0259 Te Apiti wind farm
0127 Waipunga Falls

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