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A library of action sports photography from airshows to water sports New Zealand. As there is recognisable people in these images they are not available to purchase except for the first Spitfire and in air display images.
A historic Spitfire displaying at Wings over Wairarapa airshow.Smoke trails from a air display at Wings over Wairarapa 2021.Spectators at Wings over Wairarapa 2021.Helicopter display at Wings over Wairarapa.Smoke trails at Wings over Wairarapa.Aerobatic display plane at Wings over Wairarapa 2021.A golden sunset surfer.A paraglider stunt flying of the summit of Mount Maunganui.A surf boat competing in surf comps at Mount Maunganui.Mount Maunganui main beach with surf comp practice.Surf competition gear at Mount Maunganui main beach.Historic Vulcan JetHarvard air display.Paraglider over the sea.A restorationHarvard pilot.

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