A born again photo nut who loves imaging this country we call home. First loves are landscapes with also a interest in motorsports as well as documentary styles of imagery recording events such as life events like the Rena grounding and the subsequent effects and response to the oil spill Landscape, Nature/Wildlife, Sports/Action photography based in Dannevirke, New Zealand.


Commercial projects undertaken are covered by the standard AIPA license terms of engagement for everyones protection. 

Nominal rates are $50/hour for portfolio work including the time for on the day/s consult at a agreed start time, taking of images and the processing of the images and the presentation back to client in a mutually agreed format and delivery system. Travel and accomodation is charged as incurred in relation to the work undertaken.

All plus GST with a supplied tax invoice.


As a standard guide its about the same time involved in processing etc as making the images.


We also print imagery in-house up to a A2 size with Canon fine art papers and also  frame your prints with bespoke one off frames made from re-cycled timbers - a process which is constantly being developed [ pun intended ]


All work carried out under Covid protocols and safety measures current at the time. 


  The legal stuff....


All images are Copyright to Muzz Handley Photography.


Any images found being used commercially or otherwise with-out authority from Muzz Handley Photography will be charged a penalty at ten times [ 10x ] our going rate for digital commercial sales at the time or based on the last sold digital image commercially. This especially includes any breaches of copyright found on the internet on commercial sites where imaging has been taken and used for commercial gain and the copyright or logo has been cropped from the image. This displays the users intent to circumvent our legal ownership and their intentional breaking of the copyright law.

If no remedy or some action is not forthcoming to Muzz Handley Photography's satisfaction then legal recourse will be undertaken at the offenders cost with or with-out notice.

We regard unauthorised image use as theft.

We do this out of respect to our loyal customers who value our work.