To describe my view of myself as a photographer it would probably be…”a born again photo nut who loves to capture the world we inhabit and the people within”.

A bit of a broad statement i know but thats pretty much it in a nut shell.

We all have our own slant on things…photogs are no different. Our challenge is to provide a image to the viewer which informs, enlightens or uplifts in some way. Change is constant in this world. By using imagery we can record these people, places and events that mark our place and time in this world. Some events are not great such as the oil on the beaches at Papamoa from the grounding of the Rena on the Astrolab reef to a uplifting sunset on the same beach a few years later when there is no trace of oil after the mammoth clean up. What a difference. But with those images of the oil  we can now mark that time to history. Such is the power of a photo.

A photography journey has many twists and turns. The challenge is to impart a feel or stir a memory of places/events to the viewer and one great photog was quoted as saying…”there are two people associated with a image…the viewer and the photographer”. Hence if there is no one in the image there is still two of us involved… Also it can be rewarding to create something where it makes the viewer ask..”whats going on here then?”

These are parts of a photogs journey and if you look at anyones work over time you will see a change of focus and hopefully a refinement in their work. It is a journey after all…and photography can and does take you to places that you would otherwise have never gone to. The treat is that you can share and enlighten others to the possibilities. You will find images from the sea to the mountain tops here. The most notable for this scribe to date was the effort to get a sunrise on top of a mountain at Red Crater on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing…three attempts that took! Definitely character building but dragging family along too was awesome. They didn’t complain too much…haha.

Methinks that we all take pathways that lead us on the wanderings of life…with this genre the road has been well and truly recorded so there is a wealth of imagery with-in these web walls.

We were based in the Bay of Plenty and have now moved to the lower Hawkes Bay near Dannevirke on a life style block close to the mighty Ruahine Ranges with our 9 golden retreivers, 5 cows and 1 cat.


One of the best ways to check it all out is to use the keyword list on the right or failing that the search function top of page on the right. Also the portfolio navigation is a handy tool.

The `social icons at the bottom will take you to my Facebook page, Instagram account and the last one is to my Flickr online portfolio with about 900 odd images as well. Some that are not in the website.

If i can assist with any images for your walls such as canvas prints, website illustrations and promotional imagery please get in touch.

I wish you happy wandering around the pages…use the contact us page to drop a line.

Many thanks…


The travels of the blue photography back-pack from the mountains to the sea……
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