At 16th March this year we had the ex cyclone Pam rumble down our coastline . The winds that were expected did”t show up but the eastern swell from the Pacific did being a really low pressure system just off the coast . This swell really brought every-one to watch off the main Mount Maunganui beach as a thundering sea like this does not happen very often . In fact the swell running into the Tauranga harbour entrance was enough to delay the sailing of a few container ships . Not usual at all . Here is a few images from that day …

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8416lesuire island mount pam storm web #03 by M Handley.

Wave splash at Leisure island at Mount Maunganui .


8468mount entrance storm web_ by M Handley.

A surf break at the Tauranga harbour entrance

8493jetski mount pam storm web by M Handley.

Jetski guy contemplating his next move

8524mount storm guys watch web #02 by M Handley.

The wave spectacle drew plenty of on-lookers .

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