Welcome to the on-line home for Muzzpix photography .

I am a Tauranga – New Zealand – based photographer with a more mature input to image making with a huge dose of fun and allways trying some-thing different .

The things that get my motor running is landscape and locality photography with also a interest in many forms of motor sport to balance out my image making .

Any opportunity to promote and advance the area in which i live with images of natural beauty i take advantage off as much as possible . These images are seen world-wide thru the photo-sharing formats such as flickr and 500px .

These sites and my Facebook page  has broadened the audience for these images to people from all parts of the world as technology does now … with that technology comes inter-action so please feel free to pass on any comments or suggestions you may have or  if you have a project in mind that you believe would suit my skill-set please do get in contact .

We have also self published two photo books which are detailed on the products and pricing page .




With motor-sports i tend to avoid the repetitive and look for the drama with also the human element . I don”t mind admitting that when i see a whole group of photogs all rushing to get the same snaps i tend to look in the other direction or focus on the back-ground stuff which makes up the “feel” of the event . It”s similar to landscape photography where you should always look behind yourself as there can and is quite often a far better shot waiting to be made .

Thats a part of the stuff that makes us tick .

Some people ask me why there is nobody in some of the images – in the words of a famous photographer in answer to that very same question his answer was – ” there is always two people in the image – the person who made it and the person viewing it “.

Please enjoy looking around these pages .

My contact details are at the bottom and on the contact page and to purchase any prints please check the products and pricing page .

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Thank you for viewing .

Murray .

This  Muzzpix site is being re-constructed … a bit like life really – a work in progress . Onward and better …


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